Tekena Ikoko

Life Coach, Author, Speaker

About Tekena Ikoko

Tekena Ikoko is the founder and CEO of MouldAfrica, Cankata Consulting, and Kallsgate Ltd. Through these and other brands like TekenaSpeaks and EQ2Homes, he has supported over 15,000 participants in personal development.

Tekena Ikoko is also:

  • A Six-seconds certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor
  • A certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • A certified Canfield Success Coach

His vision is to joyfully inspire people through Personal Development and Creative Systems to #getUNLEASHED so that, together, they can achieve their highest good for the benefit of humanity.

After graduating from the University of Benin, Nigeria in 1997, Tekena had over 10 years of work experience in the Banking/IT sector as a satellite communications specialist before commencing his journey into coaching/mentoring Single But Not Stupid Awareness Campaign. He guides its current Facebook membership of over 235,000 youths and adults to seek purpose, focus and values. For 15 years he has led anti-rape campaigns and helped numerous teenagers overcome drug addiction, academic failures, and peer pressure by promoting emotional intelligence and responsibility.

Life Coach

In his capacity as the lead trainer in both MouldAfrica and Cankata Consulting, Tekena has coached over 500 individuals on a one-on-one basis and over 5000 people in group coaching sessions through his courses and mentoring sessions. Tekena is a highly sought after and well rounded success and personal productivity coach whose methods, tools and approach yields proven results.


As a researcher, Tekena obtained a 2020 MBA (Distinction) at the University of New Brunswick, Saint John, Canada, specialising in General Management and Research. His MBA Thesis on Emotional Intelligence and Apology (the first research that combines these two constructs) has been selected for presentation at the Canadian Psychology Association’s 82nd Annual Conference, 2021.


As an author, Tekena has written 16 books and sold over 500,000 copies, including the Bestseller, “I wish I knew this before I was fourteen”, which the education ministry in Nigeria has approved for all its secondary schools. Tekena also holds a 2019 diploma (Distinction) in writing for TV and Film from the renowned Toronto Film School, Canada.

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